Dr. Massimo Lupascu

Assistant Professor, Dept. Geography
National University of Singapore
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The Carbon Lounge
Welcome to my lab webpage! The Carbon Lounge!
I am Dr. Massimo (aka Max) Lupascu, Assistant Professor in the department of Geography, National University of Singapore!
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Data Sharing
Sharing of information is critical to scientific progress!! Are you looking for some raw data from my research to use it for yours?
Click here to download the data.

Useful links for people that wants to know more about land-use change, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Are you looking for a PhD position or for a postdoc? Click here to know more

Media coverage
Outreach beyond the scientific articles is very important! This is part of our work covered by print media, TV news, blogs and videos. Click here to know more

  1. Next round of PhD applications
    Deadline for the next round of NUS PhD applications is 15th May 2018. Check the link for further information on how to join our world leading department.
  2. Fieldwork
    Another week of fieldwork in the swamp of Brunei with Dr. Tom Smith (LSE), and PhD students Neha Bisht and Marie Delalay